Why did we create Bloom At-Home?



Our Bloom At-Home Kits were created in May 2020 in the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. We operate an amazing community-based day program for neurodiverse adults, which was shut down for several months due to the pandemic. We have a passion for creating fun and engaging programming and activities for our day program and recognized that our clients, as well as others could benefit from having a well-organized and curated kit of activities to do at home while most places were closed. 


So, we got to work! 


Working off a theme, we put together a variety of activities, carefully selected to ensure that they are developmentally appropriate, as well as age appropriate for our customers. The activities vary each month, meant to be a fun surprise upon opening! 


We know that clear communication and instructions are a key element to encouraging independence in completing a task, which is why we include step-by-step visual instructions with clear instructions (too many words/instructions = confusion/frustration!). Once we have approximately 10 activities/items, we package it up and deliver it to your porch (if local in Hamilton, Ontario) or send it off with Canada Post!